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Store & share your files securely with electronic data room providers

The problem of securely storing and sharing documents is one of the most painful among business organizations. While the internet has variations of applications that can help with this, none of them have the level of security that can properly protect company data. The advent of the virtual data room has provided business leaders with a revolutionary way to share and protect files, and it’s currently the most feasible solution for keeping sensitive information safe. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of VDR software.

What is a virtual data room?

People of our time have long been used to the high-speed pace of modern life. We know that everything around us is changing very fast, the same applies directly to the field of business. New business models, solutions, ways of interaction, etc. emerge. The use of modern technology not only gives companies a competitive advantage, but also helps to facilitate and optimize their work, and virtual data room is just the solution that is ready to help you.

Data Room is a cloud-based website, which was created for saving and exchanging confidential business data, both within the organization and with external users (clients, potential partners, or investors). Having these capabilities of VDRs allows you to eliminate email for important correspondence, fax, or physical data rooms.  VDRs are not only secure but also easy to use and allow you to collaborate remotely.

Benefits of a virtual data room

Virtual data rooms have long been proven trustworthy by users around the world, and they offer many advantages that can help your company grow. The best data room providers have the following features:

  • Security

VDRs have flexible security settings as well as a strong level of protection. Using this solution is guaranteed to keep you safe from data leaks when used correctly. For example, VDRs encrypt all data you download and allow you to control access to it. You can set permissions for absolutely every user and prohibit copying, printing, uploading, or forwarding a document. Data rooms also allow you to use security protocols for better document control.

  • Document Management

Data rooms also play the role of online storage and allow you to upload documents of any size and importance to your space. All of your data will be stored in one secure location, you can upload efficiently with bulk uploads, and automatic formatting and indexing features help you organize it. Find the document you need with smart search. Sharing documents is also greatly simplified. You can set up a select group of users to whom you want to share a particular document.

  • Universal

Another plus of VDRs is considered their accessibility. Space is maintained from any device and any location, so both you and your partners can stay in your offices to handle any issues and transactions. Also, quality VDRs such as offer high-speed downloads and uploads compared to alternative file transfer solutions.

  • Economic

Of course, VDRs are priced according to their services, but even so, they are more economical to transact with than if the process had been conducted 20 years ago. You don’t have to spend money on additional equipment, rental of storage space, money for travel or supplies (paper, printing, and other office supplies). Also, VDR frees companies from paying for additional servers.